And Stroke Foundation, Construction Details And Stroke Foundation
The basic plan is monitored and axes and basic details
Structural details of bamboo, Construction Details Structural details of bamboo
Cocachacra Community Center
Beam mould, Construction Details Beam mould
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
Cover detail, Construction Details Cover detail
The roof structure has
Structural drawings of residential buildings, Construction Details Structural drawings of residential buildings
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
Isolated zapata, Construction Details Isolated zapata
Details - Dimensions - axonometric
Wooden furniture cafeteria backslash, Construction Details Wooden furniture cafeteria backslash
Manufacturing process and Design number of
Expansion - joint land, Construction Details Expansion - joint land
Expansion - joint-plot-land
Isolated foot details, Construction Details Isolated foot details
Isolated detail of foot
The detail section of a beam with metal reinforcement, Construction Details The detail section of a beam with metal reinforcement
Details - Dimensions - axonometric
Retaining wall, Construction Details Retaining wall
Retaining wall
The pile control, Construction Details The pile control
Detailed plan and elevation as the floor slab and pile it all up to 1 M and 2m mechanical zero control of the flat plate and joined the Armed way
Aligerado models, Construction Details Aligerado models
Details of the plant and cutting the axis of the beam
Wall connection details, Construction Details Wall connection details
Detailed on-screen, Construction Details Detailed on-screen
Details screen
The floor drain and bench, Construction Details The floor drain and bench
Includes detailed cutting and coladera plant floor and countertop CENA
Limit shoes, Construction Details Limit shoes
Limit simple detail the shoes
Composite detail sheet sheet metalica, Construction Details Composite detail sheet sheet metalica
Construction details metal plate
IPE, Construction Details IPE
Laminated beams IPE profiles
Plate lining plate, Construction Details Plate lining plate
Lining plate Plate - protective coatings PML - SB type
Structural walls, Construction Details Structural walls
Structural walls
2 storey house, Construction Details 2 storey house
-Sections - details - specifications - designaciones - sized plants
Tile standing seam 30, Construction Details Tile standing seam 30
Transverse and longitudinal standing seam metal tiles to the support section of the system a nominal width 30 cm
50 detail standing seam tile, Construction Details 50 detail standing seam tile
Transverse and longitudinal standing seam metal tiles of the system the nominal width of the support section is 50 cm
Cimentacion details, Construction Details Cimentacion details
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
The detail plug control, Construction Details The detail plug control
PVC pipe cap inspection is presented with exquisite detail
basic, Construction Details basic
Door entry-details, Construction Details Door entry-details
The entrance door with electronic meter box and pods
Polycarbonate roof, Construction Details Polycarbonate roof
Polycarbonate roof installation detail
Wood construction detail - isometric, Construction Details Wood construction detail - isometric
This 2 storey building with a wood from the parties that form the structure details about shows with different names
The map ends - double room, Construction Details The map ends - double room
Tower structural layouts and details, Construction Details Tower structural layouts and details
Details - properties - sizing - University Business
Foundations, Construction Details Foundations
The basics of columns and beams
Brick industrial property, Construction Details Brick industrial property
A description of her and where the plant is cutting and wall building system is shown with a flat
3D support with air valve, Construction Details 3D support with air valve
With textures 3D model - solid modeling-
Details for suspended ceiling, Construction Details Details for suspended ceiling
Details - Dimensions - axonometric
The beam plate and chassis detail, Construction Details The beam plate and chassis detail
Details - Dimensions - axonometric
Structural details, Construction Details Structural details
Branch barrier construction details
2D concrete slab, Construction Details 2D concrete slab
Concrete slab
Construction details floors and sidewalks in the open air, Construction Details Construction details floors and sidewalks in the open air
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
3D profiles, Construction Details 3D profiles
3D models profile Normal profile IPN and Normal U-profile UPN according to their different numbering Iram Argentine Institute of standardization and certification
Ceiling frame detail, Construction Details Ceiling frame detail
Frame with gypsum board ceiling detail
Recreation Area tiny teen, Construction Details Recreation Area tiny teen
This is a project for teensmall with a seating area They are all necessary for the proper construction details and 3 times rendering
A home is completed, Construction Details A home is completed
A house where the room is inside or outside a specific project is completed
Lighter plated details, Construction Details Lighter plated details
Construction details - floor roof - roof curbs on
Sheet, Construction Details Sheet
Construction spot-in detail
the front of the field x, Construction Details the front of the field x
Construction detail of a front cut
Fringe detail reinforced concrete, Construction Details Fringe detail reinforced concrete
Lightened concrete slab detail and forward
Lightened and flat hanging plate detail, Construction Details Lightened and flat hanging plate detail
A union of the two plate detail
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