Veredas construction details, Parks and Gardens Veredas construction details
Plano urb constructive details Miguel Grau Nuevo Chimbote
Childish Games, Parks and Gardens Childish Games
3D Garden
Park project, Parks and Gardens Park project
The source of the drawing in detail
Game for kids, Parks and Gardens Game for kids
Kindergarten playgrounds or parks for
Pergola, Parks and Gardens Pergola
A wooden pergola space
Celosia 3D ornament, Parks and Gardens Celosia 3D ornament
Wall or fence between the properties on Coronation Terrace Gardens use celosia sections
Walker - pedestrian, Parks and Gardens Walker - pedestrian
3D model Field Research
3D footed tray support bracket detail, Parks and Gardens 3D footed tray support bracket detail
Basic dental tray and the support bracket with 3D detail
Park design, Parks and Gardens Park design
Jordan Park - plants - sections
Park design, Parks and Gardens Park design
Park design - plant vegetation and material assignment
Perimeter fence, Parks and Gardens Perimeter fence
Perimeter fence perimeter fence structures around the architecture and more detailed
City park project, Parks and Gardens City park project
SPORTS IMPROVEMENT PROJECT SHEET ASOCDE VIV Balconcillos Alliance High - Tacna - Tacna levels sections and elevations
Bike Park w, Parks and Gardens Bike Park w
Structural design maximize air space for bike parking
Removal in the park, Parks and Gardens Removal in the park
Yesil large internal areas and provides a common area for the rest of the population and social life
Fountain, Parks and Gardens Fountain
Entertainment center with a cinema
Landscaped tabasqueno, Parks and Gardens Landscaped tabasqueno
Small garden designs using plants and trees of the area tabasqueno at the airport
Amusement Park, Parks and Gardens Amusement Park
Pergola and park with an ice skating rink for kids to have fun playing the game
Plaza Simon Bolivar Ibarra Design, Parks and Gardens Plaza Simon Bolivar Ibarra Design
Plaza Simon Bolivar Street 3D design design street furniture and accessories with Square trees benches complete with kiosk project
Swing, Parks and Gardens Swing
Swing dimensions
Plazoleta, Parks and Gardens Plazoleta
An external park lighting, Parks and Gardens An external park lighting
Sizing details - specifications-
Palapa construction details, Parks and Gardens Palapa construction details
Direct structural beams columns beam and wall construction system Assembly window the Assembly against the wall episodes of the cancelleria wood and concrete - wood structure focuses on well structured and referenced in the Palapa
Plaza sing, Parks and Gardens Plaza sing
The environment is composed of elements of bioclimatic environment and culture based on actual remodeling Square according to sung
Greenhouse, Parks and Gardens Greenhouse
3D models - 3DSMAX - modeling with textures
Pergolas detail, Parks and Gardens Pergolas detail
The terrace with a wooden pergola detail
Park design, Parks and Gardens Park design
Plants Heights pitches details
Jurassic Park reconstruction and revision - querulpa, Parks and Gardens Jurassic Park reconstruction and revision - querulpa
The project aplao Castilla Arequipa region is located in the Department of land querulpa Jurassic Park IL The project area is designed as a facility to assist in the control of protected natural areas This project was agreed to within the party
The banks of the Madeira Blocos, Parks and Gardens The banks of the Madeira Blocos
The banks of the Madeira Blocos
Huanchaco Caballito, Parks and Gardens Huanchaco Caballito
Huanchaco Caballito project development landscape
Artificial lakes, Parks and Gardens Artificial lakes
On the surfaces of artificial lakes and water lilies aquatic plants such as arrowhead plant materials including grass and rock placement using linear and geotextile membrane as shows you how to create
Park design, Parks and Gardens Park design
Plants - sections - elevations
Botanical Garden, Parks and Gardens Botanical Garden
General Planimetria - appointment - Heights
Park 3D coverage, Parks and Gardens Park 3D coverage
A historic PARK in front of A wood and canvas inch 3D SHAPED coverage area I LOST A RESCUE SPACE CENTER IN THE CITY
Settler, Parks and Gardens Settler
Sedimentation chamber for irrigation
Dynamic park, Parks and Gardens Dynamic park
PERGOLA with transparent roof Central - plant - CUT - includes details
3D design Pergola, Parks and Gardens 3D design Pergola
3D umbrella, Parks and Gardens 3D umbrella
An umbrella or pergola with an organic form offers a park for walking
3D BBQ, Parks and Gardens 3D BBQ
Octagonal BBQ table and chairs
Font, Parks and Gardens Font
Media source
Poles and benches, Parks and Gardens Poles and benches
Bio health wheel, Parks and Gardens Bio health wheel
Biosaludables games
Urban park, Parks and Gardens Urban park
Water feature, Parks and Gardens Water feature
Water feature
Theme park - San Miguel - lima, Parks and Gardens Theme park - San Miguel - lima
A very detailed Park but a field is a relaxation games
Wire mesh fence, Parks and Gardens Wire mesh fence
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
Amusement Park, Parks and Gardens Amusement Park
Topographic map of the park architecture A great restaurant in park areas with play areas free space management occurs
And Landscape Restoration Project, Parks and Gardens And Landscape Restoration Project
General planimetry - specifying
Concrete planter detail, Parks and Gardens Concrete planter detail
Suspend all construction in detail waterproofing system with concrete planter
Lighting systems - Details, Parks and Gardens Lighting systems - Details
Directly to walls and platform lighting
3D garden equipment, Parks and Gardens 3D garden equipment
The 3D equipment for gardens
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