Mirador El Salvador, Parks and Gardens Mirador El Salvador
Design TUBULAR design and a spotter for a boardwalk awning tensioners
Enclosure - height, Parks and Gardens Enclosure - height
The design of the enclosure that contains the names and detailed properties for a privilege place in an enclosed farm
Reticulated structure, Parks and Gardens Reticulated structure
A monument in the Square a wooden high-rise building with elevator offer to install a small path
Linear park, Parks and Gardens Linear park
The convergence of a linear park through the promotion of priority activities publishes the proposal for the revitalization of the railroad to pedestrians
Cerco perimetrico, Parks and Gardens Cerco perimetrico
Detail of perimeter fence
City Park, Parks and Gardens City Park
Yesil Park City and Recreation Area
The public square, Parks and Gardens The public square
Public square - plants - view
Metal Pergola, Parks and Gardens Metal Pergola
Ahuatepec 3D park, Parks and Gardens Ahuatepec 3D park
Ahuazotepec Puebla City Park project
Healthcare facilities metal fence, Parks and Gardens Healthcare facilities metal fence
Foundations and construction details
Porque el sol - Canete - lima, Parks and Gardens Porque el sol - Canete - lima
This project occurs in the development of architectural drawings of a square CORTES - urban equipment
Eco - Mirador and know where it is, Parks and Gardens Eco - Mirador and know where it is
District and provincial Lamas Lamas San Martin area of Peru - Patio with local ingredients that mimic the environment of the rural environment - city
Rest room on the shore of the lake, Parks and Gardens Rest room on the shore of the lake
Lake Titicaca - off to be on the bench the rest of the coast -Reed boat real photo attached
The temperature of the park, Parks and Gardens The temperature of the park
Active and passive recreation areas with a heat Estates Park
Wood oven grid and 3D, Parks and Gardens Wood oven grid and 3D
Bread pizza wood oven used for cooking food that is junk with a line of the ditch where they are this edit or you can use for all types of grilled meat and prepare the food
Slope square, Parks and Gardens Slope square
Removal of the children of a slope
Games Detail, Parks and Gardens Games Detail
Details entertainment and games for the kids park
Awake, Parks and Gardens Awake
CORTS lifts the tower E at the meeting architectural plant
Decorative Park neighborhood, Parks and Gardens Decorative Park neighborhood
Oregon pine sombrerero, Parks and Gardens Oregon pine sombrerero
Oregon pine designed to accommodate the doctor Sombrerero Arica
Perimeter fence, Parks and Gardens Perimeter fence
Average clean cyclone gray block walls of the building remaining work detailed drawings of perimeter fence 1 mesh barbed wire mesh fasteners and placement of the armor protection for 2 to 20 MTS to complete the installation of Wall Type A detail of 6 metr
Ecolodge, Parks and Gardens Ecolodge
Project employees allocated block but over very steep terrain with ramps so that a full connection with the environment is close to Cajamarca Bumaga in America
Outdoor furniture 3D, Parks and Gardens Outdoor furniture 3D
Outdoor furniture Modern furniture organic design Polyethylene from extreme climatic conditions - 60-80 as well as support available for the product UVI and lightness Rays durable 100 recycled material
Social Square, Parks and Gardens Social Square
The city itself as a field emplacement municipal building public square in the historic centre of the civilian space Multi-functional street furniture and planted with appropriate vegetation and proper management of the urban environment suitable for use
Landscape architecture, Parks and Gardens Landscape architecture
Distribution design and the selection of vegetation - elevation plan and details
Zelta garden, Parks and Gardens Zelta garden
Zelta symbol called a Triquetra based on the concept of the garden This represents the union between heaven and sea mixing and the land
Cabin, Parks and Gardens Cabin
-3d interior space the cabin in the mountains - with equipment Volumetry
City Park, Parks and Gardens City Park
Urban Park - properties - tree species
Sun and shadow, Parks and Gardens Sun and shadow
The front fence, Parks and Gardens The front fence
Local health posts etc shows an architectural facade
Detail of perimeter fence, Parks and Gardens Detail of perimeter fence
Rustica wooden stake and barbed wire fences as they can serve the same or similar projects there are detail drawings of a perimeter fence
Swings, Parks and Gardens Swings
Other materials amusement parks childrens wooden support iron plastic and Steel game
The parametric fence, Parks and Gardens The parametric fence
Details their properties with perimeter fence
Detailed pergola, Parks and Gardens Detailed pergola
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
Game Boy 3D, Parks and Gardens Game Boy 3D
Places for childrens play equipment
Parametric map of the siege, Parks and Gardens Parametric map of the siege
The plane of perimeter fence
Wooden garden tunnels, Parks and Gardens Wooden garden tunnels
Wooden garden tunnels
Metal Pergola detail, Parks and Gardens Metal Pergola detail
Fountain, Parks and Gardens Fountain
Construction features cut - sizing-
Fountain, Parks and Gardens Fountain
Construction features cut - sizing-
Housing supply design, Parks and Gardens Housing supply design
Detalles - especificaciones - dimensionamento - cortes constructivos
Urban banking, Parks and Gardens Urban banking
Wood and iron are respectively elevation and detailed drawing of the cutting structure and gauge his banking with them
Park, Parks and Gardens Park
The park design The entrances to a nearby city and is surrounded by new construction developments Planimetria - Cortese - equipment
Plaza brand ancash, Parks and Gardens Plaza brand ancash
Brand design for space - Recuva - Ancash - Peru
Sidewalks construction project, Parks and Gardens Sidewalks construction project
Construction Street and heights sections of the trail
Berma Center Street landscape design, Parks and Gardens Berma Center Street landscape design
Also Paisajistico en una Avenida Berma Center Tratamiento
Park, Parks and Gardens Park
Park design - Planimetria - Cortes - Games
Thomas Park, Parks and Gardens Thomas Park
The cut and details - Plant Park
University Place City UANL - Mexico, Parks and Gardens University Place City UANL - Mexico
The town hall square UANL University - Planimetria - Cortes offer up
Square design center, Parks and Gardens Square design center
The plant contains Details of elevations and pitches
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