Bucket cat 390, Construction Site Bucket cat 390
The design space model 390 accessories a bucket of cat finning according to the manufacturers original
Hydropower project, Construction Site Hydropower project
General flatness - specifying
3D residences, Construction Site 3D residences
Workers housing - 3d Model - solid modeling - without textures 3d
Poster structure poster, Construction Site Poster structure poster
Signal signatures for sections and elevations and details of the structure of Labor Poster
Listing of damage, Construction Site Listing of damage
Punta Arenas Cadastre and property being damaged
Crain, Construction Site Crain
Dynamic block of a tower crane
Drilling and blasting layout, Construction Site Drilling and blasting layout
Drilling and blasting layout
With the collapse of open pit directed, Construction Site With the collapse of open pit directed
Machine, Construction Site Machine
2D drawing 2d - plan view
Router dams, Construction Site Router dams
The making of the dam work
Adjustable wrench 3d Boca, Construction Site Adjustable wrench 3d Boca
Brain surgery is called a Stillson wrench key adjustable key tighten loosen tighten do you have a parts that are used to
Tomas oral, Construction Site Tomas oral
SIERRA intake LIBERTE - NAS DESIGN and lifts the count field
Water map, Construction Site Water map
3 1930m reservoir, Construction Site 3 1930m reservoir
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
Emergency housing, Construction Site Emergency housing
Emergency housing at least a field kitchen two bathrooms and a bedroom for the Food Warehouse -Plants - sections - facades-
2d heavy machinery, Construction Site 2d heavy machinery
2D drawing height
Excavator, Construction Site Excavator
Beko 3D, Construction Site Beko 3D
This drawing is an open tractor and a front loader Excavator 3D
Torque meter, Construction Site Torque meter
Torque motor and torque control screw tightening machine maintenance or mechanical tools that are used for the tool
Apartment, Construction Site Apartment
Apartment - plants - sections - elevations
Temporary quarters for workers, Construction Site Temporary quarters for workers
-Place - Street - 4 levels block facades
Dressing, Construction Site Dressing
Apply safety and workwear dressing collection
Car wash Bay, Construction Site Car wash Bay
Mr car - access - Construction
Chemicals pallet 3d  bag  3D solid modeling - textures model, Construction Site Chemicals pallet 3d bag 3D solid modeling - textures model
Full modeling - 3D model with textures
Design camp, Construction Site Design camp
Scaffolding, Construction Site Scaffolding
Height scaffolding
Prevent the handler, Construction Site Prevent the handler
the working height of the arm Canasto
Tower Crane Boom, Construction Site Tower Crane Boom
Crane boom crane where the hook arm is a mechanism of up-and-down - moving so that the BOM stays at the same level while the hook to move inward and outward according to the bank
Forklift, Construction Site Forklift
Bull forklifts or mechanical - 2D drawing-plan and elevation
Gasoline, Construction Site Gasoline
Hammer 3D, Construction Site Hammer 3D
Hammer 3D
Fd14eas excavator, Construction Site Fd14eas excavator
Very high detailed maps with 3D Studio Max Excavator
Tower Crane, Construction Site Tower Crane
Textures 3D - modeling 3DSMAX - model
Maeda crawler crane, Construction Site Maeda crawler crane
Elevation and Section plan
Machine, Construction Site Machine
Construction equipment machinery
Man platform, Construction Site Man platform
A man who was working on the elevator
Family house bi, Construction Site Family house bi
Bi Family Home
Machine, Construction Site Machine
Containers, Construction Site Containers
Staterooms recycled container or containers to create the distribution of plant development Distributed according to the required use of the various suggestions Housing costumes bakeries etc
Gears, Construction Site Gears
3D drawing 2 parallel gears Torque transmission toothed gear mesh with COGS a tooth or another part of a machine for rotating cutting part Two or more gears working in tandem are called a transmission and can produce a mechanical advan
Helmet, Construction Site Helmet
Including helmet flashlight
Camilla cervical, Construction Site Camilla cervical
Includes a neck Immobilizer emergency cervical Camilla
Pipe wrench, Construction Site Pipe wrench
Known as the pipe key tap the key
Auditors module, Construction Site Auditors module
Module 2 of the floor panel is made with tab panels calamino the roof
Residential home kitchen, Construction Site Residential home kitchen
The kitchen within the home residential 40 60 floor plan detailed by plot
The introduction of the temporary fence, Construction Site The introduction of the temporary fence
Temporary door - details - dimensions - specifying
Pliers wire cutter and stripper 3d, Construction Site Pliers wire cutter and stripper 3d
The use of tools general mechanical
Mechanical workshops industrial park, Construction Site Mechanical workshops industrial park
General Planimetria - distribution - details
Pallets Komatsu-d65ex Plane palette, Construction Site Pallets Komatsu-d65ex Plane palette
Komatsu D65EX bulldozer Plan front and top number
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