Games aircraft and Patios, Urban Objects Games aircraft and Patios
Educational institutions plans and Patios Staccato
Basketball court maintenance, Urban Objects Basketball court maintenance
Basketball court and provide a constructive means for the project management actions is translated into processes and threads that interact pesos investment will inch a lot of money and change the training data or this template defines the concepts of the
Garbage, Urban Objects Garbage
Square recycle container trash and high
Suggestions for a college Cafe, Urban Objects Suggestions for a college Cafe
-Sections - facades - Dimensions - specifying plants
Childish Games, Urban Objects Childish Games
A simple childs game
3D metal park, Urban Objects 3D metal park
IDRD garden metal type in the open field 3ds Max 2010 modeling
Street furniture, Urban Objects Street furniture
The stalls have a suggestion for a place
Waste containers, Urban Objects Waste containers
A container for temporarily storing waste and is made of plastic 360 L 660 L and 100 L of the drawing there are three types of
Childrens play, Urban Objects Childrens play
Parachute climber and swing for the kids with childrens play networks detailed
Session 2d ad 3d, Urban Objects Session 2d ad 3d
Publicitario with descriptions of technical specifications of construction materials for a general metallic structure and 3 feet wide 6 Feet Under record
Chill site analysis of Uros - puno, Urban Objects Chill site analysis of Uros - puno
Analysis of Uros where the site is configured to chill plot area the archaeological landscape of the regional curriculum project demographics - porn and the training aspect
Roundabout, Urban Objects Roundabout
General plan - height
Profiles path, Urban Objects Profiles path
2d drawing height
Urbano park with your own equipment, Urban Objects Urbano park with your own equipment
General Planimetria - at intersections - devices - landscape detail
Pergola, Urban Objects Pergola
Parking deck Pergola
3D child, Urban Objects 3D child
The MX 65 MX 355 m 315 childrens playground with some measures
Details of wooden pergola, Urban Objects Details of wooden pergola
The foundations for the meeting - details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
C ei, Urban Objects C ei
Las actividades que se realizan en los espacios arquitectonicos en un este resalt as con pabellones de una distribucion espacial y cantando con los equipamientos clara I C E salon requeridos de Football cancha shingles Patio de honor como funciona
Park benches, Urban Objects Park benches
3 design models designed for terraces park benches lobbies shopping centers etc rides Each design his perspective and side elevation open plant their sizes and titles too
Bus station, Urban Objects Bus station
3D seesaw, Urban Objects 3D seesaw
INDIVIDUAL seesaw Garden - 3D model - solid modeling - without textures
Plaza 3d games for kids, Urban Objects Plaza 3d games for kids
Bio lush Games, Urban Objects Bio lush Games
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
A detail of the structure of the kindergarten system, Urban Objects A detail of the structure of the kindergarten system
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
Aparcabicicletas, Urban Objects Aparcabicicletas
Paddle box - 3D - general - wave-shaped Aparcabicicletas
Aparcabicicletas, Urban Objects Aparcabicicletas
Paddle box - 3D - general - wave-shaped Aparcabicicletas
Sketchup bike, Urban Objects Sketchup bike
Bicycle parking 3D
Entertainment games, Urban Objects Entertainment games
Dimensioning design games for children with Genuine Wood d
Water supply, Urban Objects Water supply
A water fountain in the form of kantut Chichewa sacred flower of the Incas - Department of plant and details about the upgrade
Landfill details isometry e, Urban Objects Landfill details isometry e
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
Bank details, Urban Objects Bank details
CORTS lifts the details of PLANT and seat isometry
Square, Urban Objects Square
Park, Urban Objects Park
Park and Recreation Area with cheap recycled material
3D chair for parks, Urban Objects 3D chair for parks
3D model - solid modeling - without textures
Playground, Urban Objects Playground
With views to the garden and the view from the top game
Tacna Ecological Park - Alliance High, Urban Objects Tacna Ecological Park - Alliance High
Obelisco, Urban Objects Obelisco
The plane is 7 m high obelisk structure details
Trash can, Urban Objects Trash can
Custom design metal bucket in human form - Archicad
The design of the sale of food on a Sunday, Urban Objects The design of the sale of food on a Sunday
General Planimetria - distribution - references
Furniture, Urban Objects Furniture
Landfill meetings some details of Pergola
Pedestal container, Urban Objects Pedestal container
Removal of the pedestal to align desface
Cultural Center, Urban Objects Cultural Center
Cultural Center conference rooms trade workshops
Bus stop, Urban Objects Bus stop
Bus stop design
Pergolas living room, Urban Objects Pergolas living room
a seating area and a pergola ideal for outdoor parks and gardens there is a tree 3D 3D modeling or treatment
Detail game for kids, Urban Objects Detail game for kids
Planimetry way Community Services, Urban Objects Planimetry way Community Services
WAY - TACNA uranine planning - rural town centre with the equipment necessary for the performance of community service work and PLANIMETRY rural housing
Mall, Urban Objects Mall
Technical file
Mirador 3d, Urban Objects Mirador 3d
With textures 3D model - Sketchup modeling-
Street furniture - 3d, Urban Objects Street furniture - 3d
SketchUp furniture model 2014 model type urban banking
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