2d water source, Urban Objects 2d water source
Source decoration - 2D - drawing the floor and water view
Roundabout, Urban Objects Roundabout
Urban mobility project in the south of Peru details and pergolas as well as appeared to create an vinera construction details
Water-stressed structures in the park in Tacna, Urban Objects Water-stressed structures in the park in Tacna
The problem is that people sit here in the stands and the shadows of the city of Tacna in the park was based on the lack of a suggestion Every two days the water circuit was designed to create just such an additional attraction that file and it is night
European bus platform 3D model, Urban Objects European bus platform 3D model
European bus platform 3D model
General Phone 3D, Urban Objects General Phone 3D
3-dimensional model for public telephone booths
Cadastral chiclayo, Urban Objects Cadastral chiclayo
Equipment at this level you can observe everything about Chiclayo
Arbour 3d, Urban Objects Arbour 3d
3D model - textured 3DSMAX - modeling
3D model tree-planting, Urban Objects 3D model tree-planting
3D model with textures - Archicad modeling-
The first educational institution, Urban Objects The first educational institution
The first educational institution - 2D drawing - view - Dimension
3d reflector, Urban Objects 3d reflector
Isometric view side view elevation of privilege held open reflector equipment urban design made
Pergola 3d, Urban Objects Pergola 3d
Urban design pergola elevation of privilege held open the view side isometric view 02 made by Equipment Type
3D fixture, Urban Objects 3D fixture
02 urban design type of privilege held lighting equipment side elevation isometric view appearance of the open
3D banking, Urban Objects 3D banking
Urban design isometric view side view elevation of privilege made display stands open is executed
Pergola 3D, Urban Objects Pergola 3D
Urban equipment design pergola plan view isometric view perspective of privilege and held in the open ornamental side
3D fixture, Urban Objects 3D fixture
Lighting and urban equipment design in open plan view isometric view side held the privilege of perspective
3D dump, Urban Objects 3D dump
The garbage collector in the design of street furniture open plan view and isometric perspective side view of the privilege took
Flagstaff 3d, Urban Objects Flagstaff 3d
3D design plan view of a flagpole were pre-upgrade side and isometric see
Urban Malecon, Urban Objects Urban Malecon
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
2D and 3D bus stop, Urban Objects 2D and 3D bus stop
Concrete planter with wooden bench Bus stop street furniture
2D 3d banking, Urban Objects 2D 3d banking
Concrete planter with wooden bench Street furniture
The park plant 3D, Urban Objects The park plant 3D
Square Park is a model with its street furniture
Tree-shaped wall, Urban Objects Tree-shaped wall
Model appropriate ways to create a 3-dimensional curved wall with trees
3D Plaza de Armas Laredo, Urban Objects 3D Plaza de Armas Laredo
In 2015 the project run - elevations - wells - specific Iconography
Parks furniture, Urban Objects Parks furniture
Furniture parks - squares - bank - lighting
Rotonda artillery, Urban Objects Rotonda artillery
Rotonda increase and sea view walk that began May 21 with a great attraction for the museum and the elevator artillery on arrival
Garden, Urban Objects Garden
Scale drawings of a gaming device for kids
Central City Park, Urban Objects Central City Park
Convivio laser the general area the common area
3D advertising panel, Urban Objects 3D advertising panel
Advertising panel 32 m2 wireframe
Phone general, Urban Objects Phone general
To familiarize you with the common areas from a public telephone booth
Outdoor games, Urban Objects Outdoor games
The block sets of children in kindergarten
Garden Banking, Urban Objects Garden Banking
For sketchup for rendering a block or in the garden terrace with a bench
The cylinder will lose, Urban Objects The cylinder will lose
Design hazardous waste containers and other waste materials available for the same type of vaccine should be determined by the color of the cylinder
Pavement design, Urban Objects Pavement design
Design for industrial areas sidewalks and streets
Historic light fixtures, Urban Objects Historic light fixtures
Service area is a park, Urban Objects Service area is a park
The service area of a plane with a bathroom and a small cafe to have male and female galvateja for architectural plans and an ecological park are cutting
Advertising panel trujillo, Urban Objects Advertising panel trujillo
Cutting the plant and construction details of advertising project for the city of Trujillo for the construction of a metallic Panel
Carousel, Urban Objects Carousel
Fair swing, Urban Objects Fair swing
Fair swing
Hoard detail, Urban Objects Hoard detail
Hoard detail
Advertising, Urban Objects Advertising
Marquee, Urban Objects Marquee
Canopy marquee gas station or bus stop
Planter and bench, Urban Objects Planter and bench
Concrete planter with wooden bench seats and
3D roller coaster, Urban Objects 3D roller coaster
The Model 3-D solid modeling - without textures
Detailed dump, Urban Objects Detailed dump
Delal a trash dump displays a general section and a height
The set screw in the park, Urban Objects The set screw in the park
The park set screw -rust corrosion 5 year labor limited warranty against structural failure Metal railings and tubes Limited warranty for structural defects corrosion oxidation -50
Street furniture, Urban Objects Street furniture
Bus stop street furniture Street lighting trough the House Banking bicicletero the book the trash cans in the low post
Signal on the tracks, Urban Objects Signal on the tracks
Crossing the road in the ski resort of Plano signal
Profiles path carabobo San Diego, Urban Objects Profiles path carabobo San Diego
AutoCAD drawing located in the city of San Diego Edo profiles of different types Carabobo - Venezuela
Sports lounge furniture, Urban Objects Sports lounge furniture
Equipment Urbanistico, Urban Objects Equipment Urbanistico
Urban Infrastructure - track or skate - gazebo - chair urbanistica - a water source game 2D drawings
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