Chicken short leg, Farms Chicken short leg
Chicken short leg
Distribution curtiembre, Farms Distribution curtiembre
Plano Planta cutting and distribution Tannery Heights
3d local sales of regional products, Farms 3d local sales of regional products
TORITO liquor for sale for sale as Orchid etc for local craft trade products that may be 5 local module
Horse stable, Farms Horse stable
The business capacity to accommodate two horses which are his areas of fixed size which are 70 m x 20 m 5 4 94 00 M2 components and coating agents in a climate of support for the metal structure and the housing especially very U most of these wooden board
Flows fotoinerpretacion, Farms Flows fotoinerpretacion
The realization drains an aerial photo
Tank irrigation, Farms Tank irrigation
Arquitectura cistern for irrigation structure and equipment
Filter Design Gallery, Farms Filter Design Gallery
Galeria filter for irrigation aquifer discharges to the self-structure and both agree
Corrales, Farms Corrales
Land of a total area of Corral Peru inch a survey General ceiling plan structural elevation of 6500 M2 on the first floor there are plants treatment plant and the sanitary facilities in the project mainly improved layout plane
Vacaria plant, Farms Vacaria plant
Videos and floor space for the removal of shelter animals milk cow general plan ordenha Room com
Animal shelter, Farms Animal shelter
Building goat shelter animais animais e ou put Ovelhas e outros animais animais goat grazing in the corral
Cattle farm project, Farms Cattle farm project
Cattle ranch architectural project
Barn, Farms Barn
Rural sheds
Trace Inter, Farms Trace Inter
The draft railyard parking area and access to the exhibition area the inter trace trace pork and beef and temporary storage
4 the layout of anaerobic digestion reactors, Farms 4 the layout of anaerobic digestion reactors
Four reactors for anaerobic digestion of livestock epidemic simple design
Agricultural storage silo, Farms Agricultural storage silo
Commercial grain storage silo detail notes containing the rise and the internal structure of their parts and details as well as measures
Geomembrane pond, Farms Geomembrane pond
Storage tank for irrigation
Sprinkler, Farms Sprinkler
Irrigation system
Fruticultores collection center, Farms Fruticultores collection center
Full storage a fruit - and vegetable - plants- Cortes - details planning for constructivos
Alpaca supply chain improvement, Farms Alpaca supply chain improvement
13 genetic improvement and field construction in different environments similar to the process 16289m2 will contribute to the marketing of these products that are designed to create Paragraph needed to adapt to environments
Mini establo lechero, Farms Mini establo lechero
Handheld mini establo all in a DISE est ado vacas y compuesto por albergar UN cobertizo 20 water recr money est dividido en dos comederos bebederos y facilitar el manejo a los corrales money los alimentos con los animales in Agua dispuestos para que comod
Determined to sheep or goats, Farms Determined to sheep or goats
CORRALES 300 280 x 11 meters and each maintenance rearing goats and sheep is stable for the dressing room there were wooden cages or roof hatch and Also the grid system for cleaning this contained a challenge CORRALES
Plano vertical drop channel, Farms Plano vertical drop channel
Channel connection details the details of the architectural drawings of the structure plan for the expansion of drip irrigation channels a full vertical
Mixer, Farms Mixer
Windmill, Farms Windmill
-Plants - sections - details - dimensions - windmill properties
Cerdas Tank, Farms Cerdas Tank
Cerdas tank - plants - sections - details - Dimensions - technical specifications
Maternity cage, Farms Maternity cage
Maternity cage
3D stable, Farms 3D stable
Stable for 12 horses and saddles for the area that includes FORRAJES WINERY design
The project irrigation canals and reservoirs Queretaro, Farms The project irrigation canals and reservoirs Queretaro
Extensive irrigation projects the image side and the details of the reservoir driving the recruitment of Tomas
Slander hard Design, Farms Slander hard Design
Plant height 2D drawing
3D yellow tractor, Farms 3D yellow tractor
3D model - textured 3DSMAX - modeling
3D tractor field, Farms 3D tractor field
3D model - textured 3DSMAX - modeling
3d Farm Road, Farms 3d Farm Road
Plant height 2D drawing
The Galpo, Farms The Galpo
Control boxes, Farms Control boxes
The irrigation channel for control boxes
Channel, Farms Channel
Irrigation channel
Chicken farm, Farms Chicken farm
Biosecurity farm chickens - plants - Cortes
Beans to keep the engine room, Farms Beans to keep the engine room
Bean hopper ticket processing machine Room and cargo space to hatch
Rustic cabin, Farms Rustic cabin
A rustic cabin just as a reference
Tank for molasses, Farms Tank for molasses
Construction details elevations and sections of the tank walls and floor with molasses pulley system
Hopper 3D, Farms Hopper 3D
3D hopper consists of 4 parts
Pig farm produce, Farms Pig farm produce
Pig pregnancy and birth producing farm
Plants for fruit, Farms Plants for fruit
Canned fruit is a plant up the road bathroom and box-office receipts transactions
Jamal, Farms Jamal
Q A slaughterhouse plant architectural design architectural drawings sanitary and electrical installations structures and aircraft are cutting
Hotel for dogs, Farms Hotel for dogs
An accommodation with all the amenities for a safe and comfortable stay for pets for a pet dog architectural drawings in place
Hotel for dogs, Farms Hotel for dogs
An accommodation with all the amenities for a safe and comfortable stay for pets for a pet dog architectural drawings in place
Jamal, Farms Jamal
Nursery design, Farms Nursery design
Design nursery beds and compost shed
Livestock, Farms Livestock
In this file these cattle pens with a capacity of 400 head of livestock distributions and measures model They also already finished renderings of the proposal includes the livestock pen
Irrigation system, Farms Irrigation system
Strategic areas for an agricultural company for a lot of this is based on the distribution Valve
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