Bioclimatic House, Projects Bioclimatic House
Detached house, with solar panels adobe ceiling (floor) with 4 lifts and 4 solar panels, zero cuts...
3d container house, Projects 3d container house
With textures 3D model - Sketchup modeling-
Two levels of modern housing, Projects Two levels of modern housing
Modern home, living room, garage, office, Winter Garden, 3 bedrooms.
Educational institution - rural school, Projects Educational institution - rural school
Structural planes, a school, a rural area of Inc the details of the basic plans and supply plans plate columns beams trusses plans detailed drawings LIGHTENED GATES. ORGANIZED technical specifications, plans to complete modules.
Detail Room - 5 star hotel, Projects Detail Room - 5 star hotel
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
Accommodation on 2 levels, Projects Accommodation on 2 levels
-Sections - facades - Dimensions - specifying plants
Social Club, Projects Social Club
Social club management, gym, pool, meeting room and restaurant. Cut - includes details
Expanding restaurants and offices, Projects Expanding restaurants and offices
The first and second cuts and the extension level the plants and administrative offices, restaurant, elevator to the third level.
Educational Institution, Projects Educational Institution
Constructive details of flat roofs basic structures plans specifications for the plane of the beam
Housing, Projects Housing
Residential complex-sectored recreational areas, educational facilities and trade developed to
Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai, Projects Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai
Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai
3D municipal market, Projects 3D municipal market
Municipal market
Cabanas, Projects Cabanas
The front cabin area and the 3 types of plant
Modern home, Projects Modern home
Modern home SketchUp for materials processing are detailed.
Vertbaudet home, Projects Vertbaudet home
Classic style home
Castillo 3D, Projects Castillo 3D
Medieval Castle
The familiar multi housing, Projects The familiar multi housing
-Sections - details - Dimensions - equipment plant
Multifamily Industry - Commerce, Projects Multifamily Industry - Commerce
10 storey building project: 1 mezzanine floor - 2nd floor - Office Bank 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 -storey - apartment of 180 m2 on a land facade =
School - general structure of three Cha, Projects School - general structure of three Cha
-Sections - facades - Dimensions - specifying plants
Dwelling house, Projects Dwelling house
The project consists of a single medical family and business options with plants and architectural services department several fronts: access to ground floor shop and 1 half bathroom. level: two doctors
3d Housing, Projects 3d Housing
3d Housing
Architectural plan, Projects Architectural plan
Plano architectural facades and cutting
Single family home, Projects Single family home
Architectural drawings of the facilities in Peru Lima flat structures are formed in a plane size detached house
Single family home, Projects Single family home
Peru is situated in-storey detached house flat structures occurs in the size of facilities architectural drawings.
Single family home, Projects Single family home
- Storey detached house and cut Heights
Spa project, Projects Spa project
Spa, pool and furniture
Multifamily building 3D, Projects Multifamily building 3D
That occur with the 3D upgrade SketchUp 5 only includes floor levels such sections made with parking area in front.
Kindergarten Facilities, Projects Kindergarten Facilities
Bio electrical installations 4 and 5 years kindergarten Garden featuring more innovative design
Accommodation, Projects Accommodation
Well-designed 2BHK and 3BHK towers are a feature occurs with all the services
Isoptin, Projects Isoptin
Isotec drawing for a meeting with several references
Sit in short term rent, Projects Sit in short term rent
On the first floor with garage 4 times host
Multi-family home, Projects Multi-family home
4-story multifamily housing
Home trade, Projects Home trade
An amount plus a restaurant, second floor and third floor rooms housing the Department's three-storey commercial on the first floor
Single family, Projects Single family
Single-family housing design using projective operators
Car park, Projects Car park
Basement car parking standards
Ground floor apartment, Projects Ground floor apartment
-Sections - facades - Dimensions - appointment - University Business Plants
Commercial three storey detached house, Projects Commercial three storey detached house
Home 2 3D levels, Projects Home 2 3D levels
With textures 3D model - Sketchup modeling-
3D beach house, Projects 3D beach house
Modern beach house with 3D good is completed.
3D modern house, Projects 3D modern house
With textures 3D model - Sketchup modeling-
Art Gallery, Projects Art Gallery
3D models - 3DSMAX - modeling with textures
3d beach house, Projects 3d beach house
This time, 3D plants, elevators, structural plans, and location
3D commercial building, Projects 3D commercial building
3D models - 3DSMAX - modeling with textures
Hotel project, Projects Hotel project
-Sections - facades - Dimensions - appointment - University Business Plants
Living in, Projects Living in
DWG file simple single-family housing construction details of structures earthquake resistant nsr10 simple two-family residence facade sector housing plants.
Ice Gelo factory, Projects Ice Gelo factory
Fluxos ice factory. Cold storage and ice bar to move with a vehicle. Fluxos Com Gelo factory. Possui cooler rooms, and you can buy gelo transportation. Fluxos factory Rod. Possui ice cold ice storage and transport toolbars
Single family home, Projects Single family home
The bearing housing causes the walls of the home tabiqueria construction system to run with limited cimentacion closed and a lower plate. based on the calculation of the file, etc gentle elevations details structures flat bearing plants there's no ladder.
Tombs of the Kings, Projects Tombs of the Kings
. Av Salaverry named the Museum of the royal tombs located in Lima - Peru Mochica culture, this museum has three permanent exhibition rooms, each a different War Paracas
Cultural Center, Projects Cultural Center
The Mercado de Lima - Lima - huaca in Peru Cultural Centre in the vicinity. Plants - sections - facades
Social housing, Projects Social housing
The growing competition for social housing in Peru Inc adobe building plans with second floor expansion and First Floor Plans 4 meters in front of 20 meters length (designing and drawing by Luis MOISES ALTAMIRANO) by
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