Isometry Ins bathroom, Isometry Ins bathroom
Isometry E Ins bathroom facilities
Laundry faucet, Laundry faucet
Toilet3d, Toilet3d
with textures 3D model - solid modeling-
3D sinks, 3D sinks
with textures 3D model - solid modeling-
White and black water, White and black water
Health simple shower WC sink Cap pipes symbolism and detail Black and white isometry
Plumbing - multifamily, Plumbing - multifamily
A draft of the health plan of a coma Lima - Peru in a 3 story apartment house
Aircraft plumbing, Aircraft plumbing
In addition there is a description of the 4th floor where some of the techniques residential plumbing plumbing
The Best Health Record frame and trim, The Best Health Record frame and trim
Health Record the details and mark of the frame counter to 060x060 MTS trim
The tank and elevated tank, The tank and elevated tank
And 4 elevated tank50m3 - details - specifications-capacity 6A cistern with a capacity 50m3 elevated tank - sizing - construction cuts
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