Bolivia Sanitary Regulation, Bolivia Sanitary Regulation
Specification document - illustrated
3D hidromasajes tub, 3D hidromasajes tub
3D model - solid modeling - without textures
Drainage, Drainage
The connection details for bathroom drainage
Sanitary Room of a house, Sanitary Room of a house
General plan designations
Health facilities, Health facilities
A detail of the plumbing multifamily symbols - plants - housing
Residential plumbing, Residential plumbing
Agua Fria drainage and isometric sanitary water in a house pisos 4 - Details-Tank - Tanker - plants - hot water isometric roof more
Residential plumbing, Residential plumbing
Plumbing office, Plumbing office
Plumbing detail of an office - plants - details - appointment - technical specifications
Church plumbing, Church plumbing
Most health insurance Church of the Holy Cross the church with the symbols of the city of Guayaquil in the order they called this whole Health Network
Sanitary, Sanitary
The project water and septic tank
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