A sign of watershed health, A sign of watershed health
The captain is a typical drawing for drinking water
Construction details of sanitary facilities, Construction details of sanitary facilities
-Specifications - sizing - construction details cut
Nucleo baths, Nucleo baths
Nucleo plant including architectural baths
Bath hack, Bath hack
Cortes - Dimensions - specification
Bathroom detail, Bathroom detail
Details - properties - sizing
Bathroom, Bathroom
Details - properties - sizing
Constructive detail bathroom, Constructive detail bathroom
-Specifications - sizing - construction details cut
Toilet - hole Dry, Toilet - hole Dry
Two alternative dry toilet the fan Hole N walls covered in CALAMINE 01 N 02 machihembrado
Detail architectural toilets, Detail architectural toilets
This file was developed for an academic study
Latrines, Latrines
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
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