Fringe detail reinforced concrete, Fringe detail reinforced concrete
Lightened concrete slab detail and forward
Cover charge detail, Cover charge detail
Detail cover charge
Cover the gentle slope, Cover the gentle slope
1 5 scale detail at relevant doses with a slope of classifications and the difficulty with a concrete deck
Pending cover plate, Pending cover plate
1 5 scale detail sloped metal roof at doses relevant classifications and
Metallic structures, Metallic structures
Armor details - scissors
Structural plate, Structural plate
Details - General features
Wooden roof flat roof clay tile, Wooden roof flat roof clay tile
Solar roof with the same materials as wooden beams and joists
Cover with metal tiles, Cover with metal tiles
Metallic contains the details of the structure
The wooden ceiling and drywall, The wooden ceiling and drywall
Roof with polycarbonate roof and wooden beams and drywall project
Lightened plate, Lightened plate
Detail of a plate and beams LIGHTENED trading house - plants - sections - details - technical specifications
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