And Stroke Foundation, And Stroke Foundation
The basic plan is monitored and axes and basic details
Isolated zapata, Isolated zapata
Details - Dimensions - axonometric
Isolated foot details, Isolated foot details
Isolated detail of foot
The detail section of a beam with metal reinforcement, The detail section of a beam with metal reinforcement
Details - Dimensions - axonometric
The pile control, The pile control
Detailed plan and elevation as the floor slab and pile it all up to 1 M and 2m mechanical zero control of the flat plate and joined the Armed way
Limit shoes, Limit shoes
Limit simple detail the shoes
Cimentacion details, Cimentacion details
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
basic, basic
Foundations, Foundations
The basics of columns and beams
Shoe construction detail, Shoe construction detail
2d drawing height
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