Laminated beams IPE profiles
3D profiles, 3D profiles
3D models profile Normal profile IPN and Normal U-profile UPN according to their different numbering Iram Argentine Institute of standardization and certification
Curtain Wall, Curtain Wall
Detail of cantilever beam, Detail of cantilever beam
According to the principle of frame construction with metal detail
Metal truss, Metal truss
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
Precast beam detail, Precast beam detail
This file shows the details of construction of prefabricated girder as graphics These measures and the earrings I got
Industrial 3D, Industrial 3D
3D model - solid modeling - without textures
Steel structure shed, Steel structure shed
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
Dynamic blocks profiles - buloneria, Dynamic blocks profiles - buloneria
IPE dynamic block access
Appears in Tijeras on, Appears in Tijeras on
Description of the truss in two slices
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