Cover detail, Cover detail
The roof structure has
Aligerado models, Aligerado models
Details of the plant and cutting the axis of the beam
Composite detail sheet sheet metalica, Composite detail sheet sheet metalica
Construction details metal plate
Tile standing seam 30, Tile standing seam 30
Transverse and longitudinal standing seam metal tiles to the support section of the system a nominal width 30 cm
50 detail standing seam tile, 50 detail standing seam tile
Transverse and longitudinal standing seam metal tiles of the system the nominal width of the support section is 50 cm
Polycarbonate roof, Polycarbonate roof
Polycarbonate roof installation detail
The beam plate and chassis detail, The beam plate and chassis detail
Details - Dimensions - axonometric
Recreation Area tiny teen, Recreation Area tiny teen
This is a project for teensmall with a seating area They are all necessary for the proper construction details and 3 times rendering
Lighter plated details, Lighter plated details
Construction details - floor roof - roof curbs on
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