Hardware store, Hardware store
The city, many plans, Architecture, construction details, Foundations, equipment, sections, elevations, renderings, except
Audio-Visual Room, Audio-Visual Room
Two rooms and a bathroom that contains the project in the field of Audiovisual skills, digas deck and ceiling, floors and walls, Baseboards, gardening, carpentry and glass matrix cancelleria methodological details, finishes, specification in the world
Hotel maintenance services organization, Hotel maintenance services organization
Apart hotel services available on websites
Clinical psychology, 3 times the number, Clinical psychology, 3 times the number
-sections - facades - Foundation - structure - plans for electrical and plumbing installations
Luxuriously appointed hotel, Luxuriously appointed hotel
Furniture and a luxury hotel with lots of stairs
Multi-purpose room trades, Pythagoras, peru, Multi-purpose room trades, Pythagoras, peru
Picasa trades intended for region lounge
Warehouse Maxi, Warehouse Maxi
Maxi wine cellar in Rimac, Lima - place - cuts - details - Dimensions - specifying the design
The sidewalk project, The sidewalk project
The sidewalk project, plants details
Hall sales, Hall sales
Architectural salon for sale, sales, reception, showroom, alan? the field of engineering design, meeting room
3D television, 3D television
Plateau TV 3 different scenarios: Interviews, youth and music
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