A my route, A my route
Details specific paths open pit mine
Sports Stadium, Sports Stadium
The city consists of the construction of a stadium in a remote location. Distance the space between the mesh stands will build the grandstand
Family, Family
House Director
Municipal Building, Municipal Building
Chiclayo proposed in the municipal building. Technical drawings - cutting and plant surfaces PDF program.
The uasb reactor from wastewater treatment plants, The uasb reactor from wastewater treatment plants
PLANS: drying beds structural calculation and structural calculation structural calculation of waste oil trap closed booth USB transaction details, structural calculations, high sedimentation rate, structural calculation of the structure of the Eliminatio
The building is very, The building is very
Electrical, sanitary and structures) - more levels the roof. commercial use showroom and the second, third, and fourth, fifth and housing for the first floor office level. Augustinerplatz County, Lima, Peru.
Medical posts, Medical posts
Message basic medical - Plan - elevations - sections - 3D model - Renders
To build housing, To build housing
the study on the first floor and the ground floor plan building a house, facade detail calculation there are structures and bases plantillas...
Plano poster to place on public roads, Plano poster to place on public roads
Put aside a room for a dashboard that the municipality confirm the plan.
Amsterdam ArenA Stadium, Amsterdam ArenA Stadium
3D upgrade, Ajax Amsterdam ArenA stadium
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