Leave wood detail, Leave wood detail
Detailed esponja, Detailed esponja
connection timber - steel
Allegro con canaleta, Allegro con canaleta
Allegro con Canaletas techo de madera cubierta SE also detal with constructivo con la algunas medidas detal there
Wood details, Wood details
Details of fixing the wooden beams between the columns
Wooden cage, Wooden cage
This 3D structural rafter is the element of wood
2 wood details, 2 wood details
2 wooden accents
Wood details, Wood details
Wood flooring
Catalan vault, Catalan vault
A Catalan vault wooden beams for each layer forming the waterproofing should be over including the order of parts
Wood Association detail, Wood Association detail
Detail of the Union of the wood
Spacious home system, Spacious home system
Wood John Utzon Estrutura modules of the project
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