Pergola, Pergola
A wooden pergola space
3D footed tray support bracket detail, 3D footed tray support bracket detail
Basic dental tray and the support bracket with 3D detail
Removal in the park, Removal in the park
Yesil large internal areas and provides a common area for the rest of the population and social life
Fountain, Fountain
Entertainment center with a cinema
Palapa construction details, Palapa construction details
Direct structural beams columns beam and wall construction system Assembly window the Assembly against the wall episodes of the cancelleria wood and concrete - wood structure focuses on well structured and referenced in the Palapa
Greenhouse, Greenhouse
3D models - 3DSMAX - modeling with textures
Pergolas detail, Pergolas detail
The terrace with a wooden pergola detail
Park 3D coverage, Park 3D coverage
A historic PARK in front of A wood and canvas inch 3D SHAPED coverage area I LOST A RESCUE SPACE CENTER IN THE CITY
3D design Pergola, 3D design Pergola
3D umbrella, 3D umbrella
An umbrella or pergola with an organic form offers a park for walking
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