3D lighting, 3D lighting
Industrial lamp, Industrial lamp
Lamps 3D drawing 2gr8 - 232 hbl654 2hp2 ach - 126 ICF - 232
Ceiling detail, Ceiling detail
Diameter of the ceiling plate on the site as well as their displays details for assembly and installation How to add a light inside in addition to detailed
3D lighting pole, 3D lighting pole
Furniture for the urban public sphere the polar
Medical clinics lighting project, Medical clinics lighting project
medical clinics lighting 2 levels plus 1 Basement
3d Lamp, 3d Lamp
3d balls lamp
Recessed lamp, Recessed lamp
Focus sausage White metal base MR16 fixed Ampolleta LED GU10 6W 8cm 220w White 3800-4500K white metal plated
An armature detail, An armature detail
Pool lighting details
Montserrat 3D Lamp, Montserrat 3D Lamp
Hanging indoor lamp suitable for use in large spaces rooms or lobbies Chrome-plated and gold applique Sectioned into three drums of diminishing size Blue finish with crystals giving the third to give the drum its a classic Dimensions height
Lamp 200, Lamp 200
Industrial type lamp detail
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