Start-Wye, Start-Wye
For electric motors with more initial 7hp
Feeding for electrical motors, Feeding for electrical motors
Motors electrical supply to the roof for extraction
Head pressure control pump, Head pressure control pump
Pump Pressure Control head - single layout
3d weather generator, 3d weather generator
The air space for the home electrical energy generator
Transformers - Impressions, Transformers - Impressions
Transformers disconnects electrical rooms and all elevations with the corresponding structures in the center cochamo
The plane transformer 1250kva transformer maraca, The plane transformer 1250kva transformer maraca
Three-phase transformer 1250 kay
Electrical transformer, Electrical transformer
Electrical substation - Details
Distribution Board, Distribution Board
Distribution - axonometric of the board of directors
Central control motor, Central control motor
Centralized control engines - 3D model
Reaction Motors continuous current armor, Reaction Motors continuous current armor
The magnetic flow resulting from the reaction of the rotor respect to the stator for armor
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