The board of directors - sectional, The board of directors - sectional
Details of Main branch circuit breaker and thermal panels and a tea bar with
Electrical panel, Electrical panel
Their protection board electrical diagram
Electrical panel, Electrical panel
010 - cqc electrical panel, 010 - cqc electrical panel
Command to the table a metal box painted MUNSEL CINZA n - LIK OU MONTAGEM plate RAL 7032 65 CQC with orange - 010 380 x 320 x 170 mm
In soils transformer details, In soils transformer details
Transformer black detail
Pass webcam, Pass webcam
Few concrete details transition webcam
Electrical panel, Electrical panel
The board of Directors of Wall detail - materials - Especificaciones
Lift facility, Lift facility
Electric power supply with lift facility according to their
Connection box, Connection box
To derive a power supply connection box Hummel cabinet copper bars
Emergency generator, Emergency generator
Mockup 3D - modeling revit
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