3D concretadoras, 3D concretadoras
Concrete mixing machine 3D concretadoras
Ridgid steel pipe bender, Ridgid steel pipe bender
In the pneumatic industry hydraulic steel pipe to be used for bending etc
Movable jaw tattoo, Movable jaw tattoo
Pipe wrench
Dynamic cone penetrometer hardness test surfaces, Dynamic cone penetrometer hardness test surfaces
With textures 3D model - solid modeling-
Make way for the metal structure, Make way for the metal structure
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
Hormigonera, Hormigonera
Concrete mixer
The tip of a pen, The tip of a pen
Blade chisel 3 4 inch plastic handle
Crain, Crain
Dynamic block of a tower crane
Adjustable wrench 3d Boca, Adjustable wrench 3d Boca
Brain surgery is called a Stillson wrench key adjustable key tighten loosen tighten do you have a parts that are used to
Torque meter, Torque meter
Torque motor and torque control screw tightening machine maintenance or mechanical tools that are used for the tool
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