3D hydraulic excavator, 3D hydraulic excavator
With textures 3D model - Sketchup modeling-
Container Service, Container Service
Service port Type Container Cranes for Transport
Liebherr hs 885 HD dynamic, Liebherr hs 885 HD dynamic
LIEBHERR HS 885 HD dynamic full dynamic block Flexible use with a single block Make your work much easier Payallar by intern Crane type
Crane - Liebherr hs 885 HD dynamic, Crane - Liebherr hs 885 HD dynamic
LIEBHERR HS 885 HD Damico full block - crane
3d Caterpillar scraper, 3d Caterpillar scraper
Caterpillar scraper drawn in revit
3D caterpillar Compactor, 3D caterpillar Compactor
Caterpillar Compactor drawn in revit
Caterpillar front loader 3d, Caterpillar front loader 3d
Front loader Caterpillar drawn in Revit
Caterpillar Crawler Loader 3d, Caterpillar Crawler Loader 3d
Crawler Loader Caterpillar drawn in Revit
Crain machine, Crain machine
Crain used to remove construction materials construction sites
Senior Technical Artist, Senior Technical Artist
Excavator EX1200 - 6 full dynamic block use only flexible site planning or schematic for excavation blocky better More layout less time to create and prove your skill Payallar by intern
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