Waiting for booth type, Waiting for booth type
The expected type to the club the secretariat of communication and transportation for federal Highways -Where - sections - details - Dimensions - equipment
3D steel bridge, 3D steel bridge
Steel and glass bridge
3D semaphore, 3D semaphore
-3d solid modeling - without textures model
Urban, Urban
According to the structure where urban brick and steel
3d public transport stop, 3d public transport stop
Public transport stop is made of metal and polycarbonate 3D DWG
Parador urban, Parador urban
Urban facilities benches lighting etc in a variety of extra furniture includes
Taxi stop, Taxi stop
Taxi stop - floor ceiling and floor height
Rural road improvement, Rural road improvement
Rural road development
Solar bicycle charging station, Solar bicycle charging station
an isometric view of a charging station for electric bicycles is using to see solar panels on the roof
Bus stop 3D, Bus stop 3D
A fast food place so it can be designed modular public toilets and bus stop
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