2D craft furniture, 2D craft furniture
-Place - View - isometric 2D drawing
3D home, 3D home
3D models - 3DSMAX - modeling with textures
Paper, Paper
Books magazines or books to put them in a whole range of decoration and libraries
RGB colors, RGB colors
Autocad RGB color to 255 is added to the PDF file that contains a table with the codes
Illustrated Dictionary of architecture, Illustrated Dictionary of architecture
Visual Dictionary architecture visual and conceptually to recognize that the sample represents and taught to appreciate the architecture and all components and elements
Visual Dictionary Construction, Visual Dictionary Construction
We find everything around us is about Visual Dictionary
Various blocks - symbols, Various blocks - symbols
HOUSING Office Hospital and pictures and many other symbologies MAS
Nazca culture, Nazca culture
Informes architectural Paracas on
A variety of blocks, A variety of blocks
And AutoCAD to draw the project Block Office furniture - furniture in a variety of
Glossary of colonial architectural terms, Glossary of colonial architectural terms
Dictionary - colonial architecture in architectural terms
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