Dynamic analysis of concrete building, Dynamic analysis of concrete building
Seismic design of concrete buildings seismic response spectrum and dynamic analysis of Venezuelan data including graph construction based on the standard regulatory controls
Element analysis of concrete, Element analysis of concrete
Level 3 design for high seismic zone element analysis of concrete columns and beams under conditions in Venezuela
Metallic profiles database, Metallic profiles database
American Standard AISC structural steel sections offering full and detailed geometry based on the full database
Grooved load analysis sheets, Grooved load analysis sheets
Analysis plate material and the different uses of snow loads
A building load analysis, A building load analysis
Reinforced concrete roof deck and mezzanine levels of the stairs of a building that is made the analysis of the analysis sample
Soil profile and cantilevered wall connection, Soil profile and cantilevered wall connection
Sizing and verification of stratigraphic soil profile pits and reservoirs for coated and buried on the principle of turning the retaining wall for the night
Installation according to Eurocode Wind, Installation according to Eurocode Wind
Structural steel components for wind load calculation according to eurocode this document consists of
Memory calculation habitacion home, Memory calculation habitacion home
Memory run the calculations a room of a single story home with a plate of structural column and trunk locks lightened shoes shoes isolated calculation
Load analysis and calculation based on, Load analysis and calculation based on
Analysis template tile floor beams between the walls housing water tanks etc calculates and assigns a summary of basic loads according to the needs
Low shoe design load-bearing walls, Low shoe design load-bearing walls
Value calculations for isolated foundations core and edge just enough change template design based on the necessary project
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