Container-line layout, Container-line layout
Homeland - Sea-drawing - UTN BA - Argentina Plano container ship lines
Hull container development, Hull container development
Development container on the hull of the ship - Sea-drawing - UTN BA - Argentina
General arrangement container, General arrangement container
Container ship general arrangement up 16647 274 m Draft 960 m width m height m length 1325 sea - UTN BA - Argentina drawing
Speedboat, Speedboat
Speed boat in the water
3D model cruise, 3D model cruise
Medium-Scale 3-dimensional model of the cruise Pretty well detailed
Yacht, Yacht
Yacht and skoci
Container ship, Container ship
Fuel treatment service - temporary low freshwater cooling service -Salt water service cooling - boot-compressed air systems - compressed air system service fuel - filler system - general arrangement of a container ship engine room Higher plants -
Tue river water captured at Harvest, Tue river water captured at Harvest
3D marine structure, 3D marine structure
Its a boat landing in the sea for the structure
General editing powerboat on the river, General editing powerboat on the river
The front and side with the side that show the Peruvian Amazon riverboat typical of 6000 m length M 1100 m arm width and 250 m there is a view from the banks of the Amazon strut of view issued plant products their high different included used to install
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