Flooded residential area, Flooded residential area
Residential area - plants - under water (cut-sustainable details - limited
20 floor building, 20 floor building
20 floors, floor plan, Cortes fronts on the first level of management, deck building
Urbanization industrial complex, Urbanization industrial complex
The following document batch making plant site containing mostly the same environment, urbanization and land transport routes deceleration, Yesil Park is located in the central part of a big area and control of land indicates that it has
A sports park proposal, A sports park proposal
There is a park and offer park watches. It features an athlete in a gym for people and a wide area has Yesil
The structure of the Home, type of housing, The structure of the Home, type of housing
The basic plan. the floor slab, is covered by construction details and specifications.
Housing complex, Housing complex
The University on the project in a rural area, the layers A, B, C, D area with an urban outfit? approximately 8 acres of recreation areas, services, trade and neighborhood parks. -Planimetre - parcel - full
Bar - night club, Bar - night club
Project Bar - Night Club. Architectural plan and 3D volumetric.
Pan The Colosseum, Pan The Colosseum
Peru, for the Pan American Games to be held in the file of the entire plant occurs complete and detailed architectural, sections, elevations and 3 levels for 5 axes coliseum project and structured
Regional Library, Regional Library
5-level Regional Library located in the city of Lima, a project file ground floor, sections and elevations, including all architectural plans consists of is configured as the axis.
Zone file., Zone file.
City, all the plants, the basement, as well as episodes consisting of: Lambayeque, the regional levels and elevation axes are flat structures structural project additional file6
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