Stair details, Stair details
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
External staircase detail, External staircase detail
Details - specifications - sizing - construction cuts
A ladder to access the roof, A ladder to access the roof
Plant height 2D drawing
Emergency ladder, Emergency ladder
Emergency stair constructive design details
Rail tube, Rail tube
Sailor stair detail, Sailor stair detail
A sailor stair design
Railing detail, Railing detail
A construction detail for a detached home or multifamily Scarecrow metal ladder into three parts
12 levels of stairs, 12 levels of stairs
Details - Dimensions - axonometric
Modern staircase remodeling, Modern staircase remodeling
The plant cuts and a lightweight steel and wood stair railing construction details overhang boards and stands to remain a structure that contains metal plates to avoid overloading it leans on a small pillar all the technical specifications
Ladder, Ladder
Stair design
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